Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Do you know me?" Contest!

So, do you know me?
Test your skills in this contest to win a $10.00 Wizard101 gift card! Now don't think its a little actually have to do something! The contest is to ask these questions.....

What is the name of my favorite Wizard101 superhero's?

What was the prize for the first contest I held?

Who was the first person I drew? (Besides me)

Whats was the name of my FIRST life wizard

So do you know? Here are the rules!

  1. Please only email me ( any entries in comments will not be posted nor accepted
  2. If you don't know try your best! Dont just type '??'
  3. Don't answer with inappropriate language
Now before you start saying "First I said huh!? Then I said what!?" I want to explain that you can find all these answers in my past posts! There will be runner ups and the prize is yet to be decided! 
Try your best!!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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