Friday, June 24, 2011

Art thy year over yet? BLOGIVERSARY!!!

Romeo, ohhh Romeo what is thy date? Well, uh, what is it? Oh, Juliet, today isn't that important, but you should remember that on JULY 22nd *Hint hint* is The Diviners Lane blogiversary!

Ahoy, friends!
Did you keep your noses clean *Yes*? Good! Lets begin! Did you hear my performance? Cool wasn't it! And its true! On July 22nd its my blogiversary! The awesome day wehere I made a terrible first post that I had to take some stuff out of o. o. I wish I could redo that post. Anywho, I will be having the party at my MFP that I sort of decorated to block all entrances and exits. It looks great to me! I;ve working....kind of hard on it but it still looks great! Here is me jumping!
Total High School Musical...
 Yes, yes you should go and find your party hats! Dig through that bank now (Well maybe after you read the post)!! So you must've heard about the Ravenwood Ball, right? Well, yes I am going! I am wearing something my friend use to wear, Tabitha. Though I kinda stormified it. She was ice. For some reason I build the best relationships with ice wizards. Cassandra, Justin, Tabitha, Jasmine. Anyway so you must be wondering what I was wearing? *No*. Well here it is!

I wonder what Bartleby thinks of my tap dancing awesomeness?
 Stormy feathers, formal, stormy ruffly boots! I wonder what house I will be in, I want to be in a CL Oberveratory!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

EDIT** I forgot the times.
Pickup: Storm School
Realm: Torrence
Area: 1 (Duh)
Time: Undecided


  1. Hey! I can't wait! Just one question... How do you go?

    ^^ You should check that link out ;)

  2. Nice post! I am also hosting a mini-party and no I have Sultans Palace :P Cya then,
    -Blaze Shadowhorn