Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ooohhh, you know! This is just a little update!

Hullo fellow classmates!
I've been away finishing some end of the year leyden labs for Professor Balestrom so I couldn't make time to say corny jokes with you guys! I've been slowly making progress with K-k-k-Kayla. She is only in the Krokosphinx, and I've been enjoying a lot of time on Vanessa. Vanessa hasn't achieved anything lately ;).

So you may of all heard of the new Dragon's Hoard pack, right? Of course you did! 399 Crowns to get 6 amazing items, even the chance to win the Bone Dragon mount! I gotta say it wasn't "Ultra-Rare" for me, due to the fact I got it my first try (Look at a few tweets back)! Though after my first I couldn't stop! Seriously this stuff is so addicting, KI got big cash from this! Here's a list of the big things I got!
  • 2 Sea Dragons. Pedigree: 72
  • 1 Bone Dragon
  • 2 Robes
  • 3 Hats
  • 2 Boots
  • 1 Wand
  • 1 Utility dragon
  • 1 Vigilant dragon
I've been having a great time with this pack! I really wanna see another that's Pig themed...Pig would love that. Speaking of Pig and Ninja they've met rivals, **Turns on dramatic Star Wars music** meet; SUIT AND BUNNY!!

Pig & Ninja need to battle in war to see who will get onto the header! Pig has super weight skills! And Ninja has super quick speed and a long daring blade! But Suit has a portfolio that weighs a ton! And Bunny has a basket of furious gumdrops! Who will win? The battle will begin... FO' BACONIA!

To finish off this magical post I will show you a new drawing of Vanessa, inspired by a wizards fan art that was sent into Kingsisle. It was my favorite so I drew it and Van-afied it, so here is the finished copy!

Had to "Censor" out my signature
 Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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