Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gear-a-palooza, October Newsletter, "Hollow"Ween costume inspirations.

Hey everyone!
Today Wizard101 released that from October 6th to October 16th the spiral will have a Gear-A-Palooza!
During this time wizards from all over will be able to get gear, weapons and amulets from the crowns shop,  half price! Wizard101 has had past palooza's like the Pet-A-Palooza--ended, Mount-A-Palooza--ended, and House-A-Palooza--ended.



October 6th through October 16th, Wizard101 is celebrating Gear-a-Palooza! If you like having powerful gear for PvP matches or customizing your Wizard’s total look - then Gear-a-Palooza is going to delight. We're reducing the Crowns prices of Gear, Weapons and Amulets so you can save up to 50% off in the Crown Shop.



Are you rummaging through your closet to find the perfect thing to wear during
the Halloween celebration in Wizard101? Are you the type who wants to stand out and make something different from the usual, witch/skeleton costume, Ninja Pig costume and the wands and brooms Spooky Bob gives out that will become "soooooo" cliche after a week into October? Well worry no more! Get your ink and parchment ready because through the whole month of October The Diviners Lane will be giving your characters tips on how to dress yourself through this event of Jack O'lanterns and ghouls!

First suggestion, secret agent
In these two pictures you see here is a secret agent outfit. This set comes with a Masquerade Ball outfit and your super OVV Agent outfit. Great for anyone who likes to change it up a bit half way through the month.

Second suggestion, pumpkin heads.
In these pictures you see two different outfits (Sold separately). The first is a scarecrow outfit. This outfit consists of, a sad pumpkin mask, clerics robe, clerics boots and a corn wand (Optional). The second outfit is Pumpkin Lady/Man. This outfit is great for any Halloween Spirit (No pun intended) who likes to add in a sprinkle of color and creativity.

Third suggestion, movie characters
These outfits are a bit more unique then the others. The first costume you see is Lucy. This is Lucy in her outfit from Narnia: Voyage Of the Dawn Treader. This out is red and gray and consists of-- Pirate Garb, Elegant robe and Clerics boots. Great for anyone on a low budget! The second suggestion is Madame Hooch the quidditch coach from Hogwarts. This outfit takes some crowns to make. Consisting of-- Hallowe'en Hat (Sold by Spooky Bob), Adventurers robe and Pigswick Academy boots.

Final suggestion, undercover pig.
This final suggestion for today shows Pig (From Pig and Ninja) at his office until he sees the Pig and Ninja help signal. This outfit also does take a small bit of crowns. Consists of-- ninja pig hat (Sold by Spooky Bob), brigadiers cloak, clerics boots.

Tune in tomorrow for boy costume suggestions! Some of these outfits (Pumpkin Person, Scarecrow, Undercover pig) can be worn by boys too, but tomorrow we will give exact looks of some boy costumes.

Big thanks to Justin IceFlame, Nathan Ashthistle and Sean (None)(None) for posing. Also to Elijah StormHeart for letting me use his house to take the photo of "Undercover Pig". Thanks guys!

'Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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