Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Destination of Vanessa EmeraldGlade. Part II

           Four girls, looking me straight in the eye. One of them heaved herself up and plopped down on the bed.
"Night." She said with no expression whatsoever.

"She's a daffodil now isn't she?" Said another girl. She had spiky, pink, greasy hair along with huge lips and a lazy green eye.

I nodded a little and sat down. They defiantly weren't like the girls on Earth. Well, maybe the blonde girl with her face shoved in a book but, whatever.

"Sooo, what do you guys learn?" I asked
"Well," she stood up and shot out her hand "My name is Rocka Eva (You can call me Eva) and I practice the school of ice!" she shouted.

"Be quite! I need to go to sleep." Shouted back the girl going to sleep.

"That's Catherine. She's upset since Professor Drake yelled at her for raising her hand." She said smirking at Catherine.

"Wait. If I raise my hand, I get yelled at?" I asked.

"NO! IT'S JUST DRAKE WHO IS ALL ANNOYED BECAUSE HIS BROTHER IS EVIL." Screamed Catherine shoving a pillow over her face

"Is this her average self?" I whispered to Ava

"No, it's just today." She whispered back

This was really confusing. It's probably confusing you too. I now personally think *My* name wasn't as bad as my name. I mean, Rocka Eva. She defiantly was a rocker. I'm not saying her name is a horrible, horrible thing but, its- uh- new- unique. There was a silence until Rocka looked over to the chair next to her. Sitting in that chair was a girl  She had short blonde hair and great big spectacles like ones you find in party stores with the yellow rim and blue lenses.

"Jessy, did you do the homework for Malorn?" Asked Eva

"N-no." She squeked

"Want help?" Offered Eva. Just then a boy with long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

"Greetings, mochachas! What're y'all doin'?" He said

"Hey Mason!" Said Catherine quickly getting up from her bed, struggling to fix her hair.  "This is our new roommate, Vanessa." She said with a disgusted voice
"Well Hai'dere Vanessa. I'm Mason, the person of awesomeness!" He announced

Jessy smiled "Ha, yeah, sure..."

We all started laughing. It was fun until Corella De Vel over there pulled Mason outside.

Eva looked over to me "I'm sorry about her. She gets jealous quickly, and loooovves Mason."

"Yeah, don't sweat it, you guys will get along sooner or later..." Said Jessy

"OK" I replied

A few minutes later Mason peeked in the door quick and said bye, then opened the door all the way to let Catherine in, then shut the door.

"Well, I'm going to bed and then wake up to another beautiful day with Mason." She bloated. I knew she wanted me to leave this school soon. She crawled into bed and peeked open her eyes and smiled at me. Not the happy friendship smile, but a creepy 'the grinch' type of smile. No one spoke, just one by one they hopped in their beds and closed their eyes. About 15 minutes after they went to bed I snuck outside and hummed an old song I use to sing. I walked through the glimmering campus, looking for something. I had no idea what I really was looking for, I guess I just wanted to know where I would be living for the next year. I was thinking about things like how this school works, what will come from this, and what this Villainiss, Catherine will do to me. "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt" That is just stupid. Words will hurt. AND STICKS AND STONES WILL DEFINANTLY HURT, but something good will come from this.

"SOMETHING GOOD!" I screamed and marched right into my dorm and plopped on my bed, looked around, and then put my head down, looked at Catherine and did a uh- a "gesture" if you will, and shut my eyes.

Hope you liked it!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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  1. Good Job! I just found 2 errors.

    1. "Is this her average self?" I whispered to Ava...... Ava should be Eva

    2. "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt".... I always heard it as "but words will never hurt ME"

    Great story and keep them coming. :D
    -Ethan--Level 60 Retired Storm-