Monday, October 24, 2011

Sneak Peek #2, Kingisle's Youtube Videos-Spoilers, Wizard101 Wallpaper

Here is an image that Kingisle realeased to Zam, who later posted it speaking of a coded message...I TOLD YOU THAT MESSAGE ON THE LAST ONE SAID SOMETHING! One connected word, "Boo-Yah".
So it seems that this world will be a jungle. I guess Nicholas Lionrider was right! Maybe Kingsisle was inspired by his concept arts for the animals on "Zebrifica"

In the last spoiler (Left) shows Elephants and maybe a possible boat ride? Could this be where Oni's are from? I don't think that anymore from the newest photo. But Wizard101 needs a way to tie this world of elephants, gorilla's and [Unknown] with the Morganthe storyline cause I bet some players will be unhappy to get very excited- just to be let down with ANOTHER side world. (Unless this storyline is ~Amazing~)

I was looking through old Wizard101 commercials on their youtube page and found some noticeable things. After I discovered my first I started looking for more- maybe Kingisle hid some items, they do like to do that sometimes. The first one shows a new housing item- or maybe old.
This picture is in one of the decorate your house videos they made, at the end it shows this archway thing. I'm not sure if it's new or old because the pillars holding it are already in the game. Is this real/fake?

 Here is something I saw in the "How does your garden grow" commercial- the garden is fake! It is just dirt piles with Jade Lotus'. Just wanted to share this!
This video which was posted on December 8th, shows the golem pet. This pet wasn't noticed in time for it to be the talk of the spiral. It funny that no one noticed it. But eh, it's now buyable in Digmoore Station.


Lately my mom told me I have to paint my room- and since I don't like many colors I had an AWESOME idea! Wallpaper it with Wizard101. Oh yeah. YOU'RE JUST JEALOUSSSSSS! So I've been getting some pictures from magazines and my drawings and making sort of a collage.

Can you find the new drawings?
How do you like it? Got any suggestions of what else I should add? I got the rest of a room to fill!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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