Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Mega Bundle, New World Teasers, New Nightmare Pack and New Candian Prepaid GiftCards. Whew!

New Prepaid Cards

Super Bundle & Hawk Rider Bundle!

These new Prepaid Game cards have the hottest new items in Wizard101 - epic mounts! In addition to these amazing mounts, you also get amazing gear, new pets and tons of goodies for your Wizard.

Thats right! Right above me (Up there) shows a small portion of the message Kingsisle has left on their site! Not only is it ONE gift card but its TWO bundles! The first gift card bundle is great! It's like a normal usual bundle- Except no house, buuuutt a lower price, only 29 dollars! First up-- The Hawk Bundle!

    The Hawk Rider Bundle Includes
  • High Flying Hawk Mount
  • 2-Handed Claymore
  • Ranger Outfit
  • Night Hawk Pet
  • Teleport Tapestry
  • 1 Month or 5000 Crowns


Cool! We can have the same mount AND pet! So know we can tell that joke without eyebrows raising-- Two hawks walk into a bar; one is a mount and one is a pet. The mount is soon kicked out and poofs away. The End.




Available at GameStop! Find a GameStop Location


What!? You don't know what a Teleport Tapestry is?! Well- I hope he doesn't mind- but her is a picture Bailey/Friendly took while exploring Jack SkullSmith's house!

Enjoy exploring Walmart and Gamestop trying to find these amazing cards!

Massively recently gave us a teaser of a new world coming out! It looks like another Mooshu type of thing- Maybe a world where the Oni's were born? Eh, maybe, here is the picture they gave us:

See! Elephants! But is you look away from that you see a boat- Maybe another ride? And finally something I am really curious about. Look at the top, there are signs, can anyone translate into jungle chat?


The Nightmare Pack

Our lowest price pack ever, just in time for Halloween!

Available for a limited time only!

The Nightmare is here, and the haunting Dark Wraith gear will have your Wizard eerily glowing through the Spiral. Full of Halloween pets and Halloween fun - the Nightmare Pack is ready for this spooky season! Check it out in the Crown Shop.
DANG! I WANT THAT OUTFIT! But not only is it these items- but other items too! Again-I hope he doesn't mind but here is a picture friendly took with some housing items!
Not my picture


New Canadian Prepaid Game Cards!
The selection of prepaid game cards available in Canada for Wizard101 has grown! Loaded with new pets & goodies for your Wizard, these cards are sure to be a hit. Canadian Prepaid Game Cards »


Why does Canada get all the cool things?!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. those new gift cards are sick are they avaiable in america yet specifically mansfield?

  2. @Anonymous Yes, I think they are only in America? You might be able to get them in canada border line but other than that- In Canada: No- America: Yes
    -Vanessa (Posting anonymous because of a malfunction)