Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Destination of Vanessa EmeraldGlade. Part I

"So whats your name?" Said the Headmaster
"Um, Vanessa EmeraldGlade?" I replied
"OK then..." He said as he picked up his quill. He wrote it in a book placed on a stand. He kept looking back at me and then returning to his book.
After an awkward silence he finally spoke "Well Ms. EmeraldGlade, according to the book of secrets, you have been placed in the school of storm"
I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. What the heck is this "Book of Secrets"? And whats the "school of storm"? I do realize this was a school of magic but I didn't realize a school would be ripped from a floating island !..I was never from a magic family. I am from earth. Vanessa EmeraldGlade the American. Yes, it is a crazy name according to 200 people in my grade. I was the underdog in my grade. Finally the year was over and over the summer was when I got a letter from 'Ravenwood School of Magical arts'.

Dear Ms. EmeraldGlade,
The faculty of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts
invite you to join our courses for this years term.
Please reply A.S.A.P. Thank you

~The Ravenwood Academy faculty and staff.

Soon I told my parents (Took about a week for them to finally understand), got their permission, wrote back, and woke up there on a patch of grass. Now I am here wondering what this "Storm school" is.

"Um, I'm sorry, but....Uh..What is the 'Book of Secrets' and more importantly the 'storm school'?" I asked.

He glared at me. I held my breath, hoping that there wasn't a mistake. "My apologizes, Ms. EmeraldGlade, I almost forgot to walk you through the world of magic." He began "The magical universe is called 'The Spiral'. A very long time ago, the spiral use to be one full land. The Great Tree, Bartleby had created all magic. He created three civilizations, the frost giants who ruled the sky, the tritons who ruled the seas and the dragons who ruled volcanoes and fire." He explained "One day the dragons and giants began to fight. The Triton's refused to fight and went into a deep slumber. The Dragons and Titans fought so hard that it split the world apart, sending chunks all over the sky." He added "Bartleby and his sister the great raven, Lady Nightstar, used their magic to form a type of magic to hold all these chunks of land together." Finally he stopped. I still didn't get my answer.

"Interesting," I replied "but I still don't know what the school of storm is."

"Oh dear! Please forgive me, I always get caught up in that story" He said

"It's OK"

"The school the storm, fire, ice, life, death, myth and balance are all the different types of magic we teach here at Ravenwood" He told me


"This must be a lot to take in isn't it, Ms. EmeraldGlade?"

"Yes. Um, I hate to drown you with questions but, where do I sleep?" I asked him.

"Oh, follow me, Ms. EmeraldGlade." He instructed.

We walked outside of his office and into a park. The park had a large pond in the middle, a few houses, some tunnels with signs above them, some trees and a carnival. We walked to one tunnel that had a sign saying 'Ravenwood' above it. We walked in and were greeted by 5 buildings, seven towers and the biggest tree I have ever seen!

"Welcome to Ravenwood, Ms. EmeraldGlade." He said with a smile.

We walked a little further and were in front of a tower.

"Hello Blossom!" He said looked at a cherry blossom. Was he talking to a tree?

"Hello, Ambrose." Said a soothing voice coming from the tree.

My eyes grew big... "Did that tree- talk?!"

As he unlocked the entrance to the tower he replied "Yes, that is the life school tree, Blossom"

I watched the tree until it gave me a smile and a wink. I quickly turn around.

"Hello, girls!" Headmaster Ambrose said.

"Hello Headmaster Merle Ambrose..." Mumbled a bunch of girls with baggy eyes.

"How are you guys?" Asked Ambrose.

Suddenly a girl jumped up and moved her mouth big and wide eyes and screamed "GOOD!" Ambrose must of realized not to ask anymore questions and said just a few more words before he left

"Girls I would like you to meet Vanessa EmeraldGlade. Vanessa meet your roommates." They all just stared at me. "Well" added Ambrose breaking the awkward silence "I have to go-err- tidy up my office- um- Goodnight!" And with a quick dash from the room, he was gone, leaving me with four girls looking right into my eyes....


How do you like it? Please tell me about any grammatical errors!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. oooh... I like it! Can't wait for more, it's really funny.

  2. @HeroicPyromancer Really? Thanks! I can add in more things once I get more dialoug running. (This is Vanessa but blogger comments have a cookie malfunction on my computer D:

  3. Good Job! Erros:
    1. After an awkward silence he finally spoke "Well Ms. EmeraldGlade, according to the book of secrets, you have been placed in the school of storm".....Insert a period at the end.
    2. And whats the "school of storm"?.....what's
    3. I do realize this was a school of magic.... is a school
    4. got a letter from 'Ravenwood School of Magical arts'......Arts
    5. The faculty of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts invite you.....invites
    6. "My apologizes, Ms. EmeraldGlade,..... Apology
    7. The Great Tree, Bartleby had....Tree, Bartleby, had.. OR Bartleby, the Great Tree, had..
    8. "The school the storm, fire,... of storm, fire..

    I couldn't finish the whole story as I have to go. If I remember tomorrow, I will finish my revisions. Apart from a few grammatical errors, I very much like your story.
    -Ethan--Level 60 Retired Storm-