Sunday, October 17, 2010

i at golem court

waiting in golem court in wu realm hope y'all come.. :( plz my little brother cried yesterday when no one came so i changed date plz!
look for vanessa emeraldglade in golem

come or else REGINA GETS IT!


  1. Just read this now, and sorry! You just need to give more advance on when your planning this, as I read the post too late to come. And sorry about your bro, but you do have a lot of readers who would come to your party ;)

  2. why you commenting now????!!! lol
    i still trying to get all the times (eastern central etc.) worked out so players will no when to go there

    though some people came Lol though it was a great party!
    (some readers dont even play wizard101 i think lol)