Saturday, February 18, 2012

My travels across the country..the search for housing ideas.

I have traveled across the country of America in search of inspiration..well actually to visit my grandma but still, I looked out the window at the same time. America has sme pretty cool things...I've seen light bridges/archways, cliffs with shrubs, shrubs as hedges, wells, and a lot of other cool things along the way. I plan to use all of these in housing, in my new house, my storm house.

Whaaaattt? Vanessa is making ANOTHER house?? Why yes I am little voice, I finished my other house and I will showcase it here probably in my next post, it probably wasn't one of my best housing on the inside, it the outside it one of the favorites of mine.

I won't show you any picters yet, up I will tell you about what's on the outside. Well there is unicorn pond entrance thinner on the entrance and two small gardens off to the side. If you go to the back of the ouse you come to a nice carnival/fairgrounds area. On the side of the Ouse is a really pretty hedge garden with magical changing color flowers (which I am really proud of inventing ;) ) and the tree of seasons in the center which also forms a gazebo sort of thing with the benches and hedges surrounding it.

Go up into the arena area of the castle and you have a nature, comfortable, flowery, arena. Flowers of all types of colors cover the arena floors with small flower petal which are placed on top the player circles wich making each member of the pvp match fly.

Surrounding the arena circles are three platforms on each side where observers can stand and watch the duel. In the back are two fountains and one grassy mound platform.

That's pretty much the description of the outside, come back soon to check out the full house with all the pictures, etc. etc.

Til next time
Happy wizarding!

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