Sunday, September 19, 2010

lol FARMING and have you wondered??!!

so today me and my friend tara are farming otomo quartermaster for A FOG MACHINE xD

anywho i am mainly posting this to tell you guys things that i no you have probally wondered bout

so here is some things i thought ya should no

-i am a freak at wizard101 xD when my friends need to no where to get something they ask me
when friend says i got this statue i say i got that to! they say WHAT DONT YOU HAVE??? XD
-i dont talk bout school much cause :( its sad XD
-i have not yet screamed SELENA GOMEZ in a post cause she not on live yet
-i only post bout fun things XD
-i am artist at work XD

and thats it really

'till next time
ugh its so annoying

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