Monday, September 20, 2010


XD i actually made it yesterday but as money gets higher it gets harder XD (its like leveling)
but i did it!!!
lol i didnt get to post it yesterday cause i FELL ASLEEP AT THE COMPUTER!( it was like 12 at midnight!)
cassandra icemancer, justin iceflame, nicole something, steven storm sword, and some other kids i didnt look at the names (some were mutes XD  i not mute rasist though? XD)
were the first visitors O AND garielle something ( :( she my friend and i dont no the last name XD)
lol i cant post a picture of me making it yet :( cuz it on my other computer were i actually play it ( i am on my moms laptop!)
in other news!
today is back to school night at my school. you no that day parents are depressed cuz they have to go to your school and listen to your teachers so your good bad then they walk out the room to another class XD.

there is also a new abracadoodle!

and thats it


uhh. some blogger like alric has just gotten ANOTHER bybrid pet! so as tara! XD

school is getting tougher we are getting tests already!!! XD

and finally!
halloween is on its way! MEANING we can soon have fun once  again in the spiral with the towers, outfits, and the quests!~!~!~!

HAVE A AWESOME WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                 'Till next time,
                                                        HAPPY WIZARDING!!!

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  1. Congratz, Vanessa! Maybe tommorrow I can see it after the party? I couldn't make it so I rescheduled. :( I posted about it, so you can just read that.