Saturday, September 4, 2010

ok so

ya the house is ONLY when more people comment/join
lol forgot to tell that XD and plus it takes FOREVER to upload a video XD
but guess what!
THATS RIGHT! for once in my life i went outside instead of having a crazy weird strange day on wizard101

on my screen saver is a picture of my and my BESTIES (halfwizard101 others is in irl)
and i look at the wizard101 side and i see the name nicole jadeblade ( in the text box she not in pic)
and so then i forget bout it
then i log on go to ravens and see nicole and i like
and i qoute "do i no you" ( lol i curious cause she has a awesome life house i cant go to no more because my friend get in fights wit her)
and she like "idk" so i forget it then screensaver pops up and said nicolejadeblade: I need i need i need.. more rug!"
(though this was like 2 hours after i saw her at ravens
lol so i no i like UGH i so stupid ( stew pet)


                                                                          Happy wizarding!


  1. Hey, Vanessa!

    I stumbled over your blog (Nobody stumbled over mine yet) and I think I can help you make a header for your site. E-mail me at with pictures if you want me to make you one. I have examples at


  2. cool whats your blog??? XD and ya this header isnt the best lolz just a central sig though couldnt put it on! so made it this cool try to get to ya later whats your wizard???
    how you find out bout my blog??? XD
    anywho get to ya tomorrrow
    -vanessa emera... well the username says it all