Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays Cards, My Opinion on "Follow me, follow back", Birthday Review!

Happy Holiday Cards

Knock knock
Who's there?
Mary who?

I did this last year, and I decided to do it again this year too, sending out holiday cards! I looked through my contacts and found a lot more Wizard101 players then last year. I found at most twenty-five people, compared to last year having at most five. AND it looks better!

It was kind of based it off of my real life holiday cards, just a bunch of pictures of what happened in the year, of course I couldn't fit ALL of it, that would take a lot of boxes. Wintertusk, Wysteria, new legendary towers, the new Morganthe story-line world (Zafaria), two new epic bundles, and so much more!

This part of my card shows my blog, and how it has progressed through the year, I mean seriously, look at those old posts! Those were hideous! I even made a label for them (Bad Intro Posts) In my opinion, this blog, really helps me, and really changed through the year.

Happy Birthday! This was important to me, first of all, it was a lot of fun, second, I was happy that so many people actually came and supported me on my birthday, and helped me meet a lot of great friends, and that some other people like cheese too.

These last two just show what happened all around the spiral this year, the release of Zafaria, and the entertainment of Wysteria! Where is Wintertusk? I didn't put it in, well because, it was really an official world, just part of one world, but I still loved it!

Follow me, follow back
What is this "Follow" thing you're talking about?
Well, I've been getting a lot of comments lately from people asking me to follow them, if they follow me. Well, I've been deleting them and ignoring them, but it's starting to get really bad. Here is something that I found very true on BloggerHelp (Which you can read here) when I first tried blogging.

"This isn't the typical "follow me and I'll follow you!" post. Those kind of followers are meaningless, as usually people who agree are not actually interested in what you have to say, but simply want to boost their numbers."

This was completely true in my mind. So this is something to think about before agreeing to a "follow me and i'll follow you" comments.

Birthday Review

My birthday this year was AMAZING! I met a lot of new friends, and had a lot of fun! I think everyone else 
Ostrich love
liked it too, except for one guy who said it sucked and left, but, he came back- they always do....ANYWAY the pick-up area had a lot of people, but when we went to the house, not as many. Appparently when someone is in a school tower, people like to port. 

We arrived at the house and read some "Whoa"s and "Awesome!"s and then went inside. I had a nice stand set out for food and presents, entered by going down a staircase (You can kind see a glimpse of it in the background of the picture to your right), had Reginald the Ostrich running around, a present table, some tables and padded chairs, a mannequin in nice party gear by the music player playing Zafaria Main Theme music (I got a lot of compliments for that!),  and some balloons and boardgames set out, it all looked pretty nice! We all got in and some people still porting from the pick-up came, and then Talon ThunderBlade decided "Hey! Let's dance!" and we got our groove on!

After our quick dance party we got into the giving move (Well sort of) and gave me presents, willingly! Well actually it was more like "GIMME ALL YO CARDS, FOOL!" type of thing but, hey! I still got presents!

OK, I have to say Talon ThunderBlade gave an awesome gift- TWO wyvern hoards! Talon Seagem gave me one which is still AWESOME! The only con to these presents were...I got junk, but hey, it's the thought that counts. The other two presents were from Elijah StormHeart and Talon NightShade giving me some awesome cards! Elijah always gets some awesome storm cards for me. Thanks guys!

I wasn't only recieving, I was giving too. I got behind my counter and announced my contest. My contest was to make a party-spirited outfit! I waited ten minutes for everyone to through something together, and then the winner was announced. The winner was Alex BlueThorn wearing a party hat, a rockin' outfit, and boot of comet. His prize was a piece of pie!

Hope you enjoy that pie!
 After the contest we moved outside to the PvP ring where we soon started up some battles! We first started with a battle that I lost, but it was a 3v2 so, what do you expect!

"Excuses Excuses!"

Shut up. We spent another half hour whipping spells back and fourth (No pun intended) and the final battle, Elijah StormHeart, Sierra Mist and I won! Woo-hoo!

OK, something I noticed when Sirens was casted was, they are the ugliest mermaid I have ever seen. They all look mad and have HUGE eyebrows and horrible lips and huge hair! I mean look to my right, she looks horrible, don't you agree. If you do agree, which one do you think is the ugliest? Tell me in the comments section below!


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  1. Nice post! And Talon Copied my Name :P

  2. That was an epic party, I felt very welcomed.

  3. uggh,i was gonna come but someone uninstalled my wizard101...i had to re install and everything...truly sorry...