Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Once More This Post Will Come... -Sad Angels sing- Adiós, mi mágico Amigos/Amigas

"But why Vanessa? WHY!" You may ask.
My life has been tough lately. Though, isn't that what lifes about? No, it's been harder on my than my old post about my life's issues. There been a few issues with my friends, family, social life, personal life, etc. etc. etc......


Number one: My friends. Ahhh, yes. That time in your life when your friends begin to impact you. Well, with my friends right now, I don't know if I picked the right ones.

My school recently got a new health teacher, but when all knew him from our older school. I really look forward to his class everyday. His humor, and his teaching skills...awesome. We aren't learning anything like how to preform CPR or anything, he's more of a life teacher. His background in life is pretty amazing, he was raised by his sister since his mom died, and his father drank to much.

He's been teaching us a lot of things, that what we do when we're young, affects us in the future. Which is one of the things I;ve been thinking out, you see, my friends, are......


They do a lot of stupid stuff sometimes, and if that ever comes and gets me, I can't ever do what I want to do.

I think the only friend of mine that actually feels as stressed as I am, is the only one I picked right. Recently she just lost sight in one of her eyes, and she is bullied, harshly. Plus someone through a TechDeck at her eye, therefore bruising the other one. I might just be exaggerating my issues compared to her life at the moment, but I don't know.
Independence, you might think you need this too. When I say I want independence I mean the ability for people to trust me and not constantly checking on me. I was never diagnoised with anything, but some (all) people call me a retard, sped, gay, and occasionally ask me if I'm a boy or a girl.

My family don't think I know where I'm going in life and always look at me like "Soooo...." People don't think I'm going to suceed in life and they supposively "Worry" about me. I have my own special way of doing things. If I don't have a project done on time, I'll do it later that night, and if it's close to the weekend I will wait until then. "Go get this for me" One second "WHEN WILL YOU DO IT?" I will.
Confusion. I'm at the point where I am finding out who I am. I think I know, but I'm not sure about it. I want to go to a preforming arts school in the city, but I don't know about it yet. My health teacher says work hard and you'll get noticed, even if you think no one is watching you. But the thing is, people won't let you work hard here. That's how the world is now-a-days. It might be to late for me to be an actor.

Thanks for listening, if you did, bye!


  1. :( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(:( :( :(v

  2. You'll figure your way in life. Many people can inspire you, can be guides, sometimes even hindrances, but in the end, you are the one who can decide how your life will be. Good luck on your journey!

  3. I feel your pain... My friends aren't exactly the best influences either but I don't let that affect me, I just try to be a better influence on them. Also one of my good friends is going through a tough time too, some people recently tried to break into his house with a crowbar and almost did it until the cops came. I have also been drifting away my neighbor/ best friend. I've just been doing stuff slower my grades have been going down and I'm just easily distracted in schoool. I have also been bullied in school but I just like to think of myself as the "bigger man" sort of speak. My pet that used to be one of the things that cheered me up in some bad times died and now I feel like I've been getting too caught up in these online games. Whenever I feel like this, I just think of the fact that compared to some people around me, my life is pretty good, then I play Wizard101, World of Warcraft, or Roblox with Colin (Iceblade) I hope your life improves from here.
    By the way this is the strong sorcerer but my computer wouldn't let me post on my account.

  4. :-0 !
    ;'-( That's sad. I wish everyone's life was good.... 


  5. Van I really miss u!!!!!