Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years! Resolutions Anyone?

Ciao everyone!
Happy New Years everyone!

Ah, yes, new years, the time to sit around the table, set up a pole, dress as an elf, and tell you family all the times they've disappointed you throughout the year...oh wait, is that Festivus?  Oh yeah, new years, the time to make resolutions to fulfill in the year ahead of you, but, sometimes, you never actually do them or you just forget about them!

Just out of fun, I will make new years resolutions, even though, I won't actually do them. I'll try, but in the end it probably won't happen. So, lets start!

This year I've gone through a lot of things:

  • Discovery that I want to be a(n) actor/singer
  • Made a few more friends who are, really important to me (In real life)
  • Learned to focus on my future
  • Got help
So, has Wizard101:
  • Release of.. ZAFARIA!
  • A great year of contests parties and charities
  • Winning awards
  • Wysteria & Waterworks
  • Reaching 20MILLION players!
Now that we've seen what happened through the year, lets see what I want to change in this year:
  •  My look, not plastic surgery or anything, but clothing wise
  • Become a more strong person
  • Discover more about my future
  • Work on acting and singing
  • Make more friends, true friends, not fake one who I won't know after high school
  • Look my know whats funny? When you're an adult, you love it so much when someone says you look young, but as a kid you just want to punch them in a face :D

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!

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