Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of the New Year! What Happened So Far..

Hey guys!
So, I lost my Ostrich, Reginald today..but luckily when I looked at the blog I saw my birthday party post and I saw that Reginald turned out to be in the party room! So I found him!

Happy New Years! First day of 2012, I can't tell if that is a good thing or a bad thing, since there was an earthquake in Japan yesterday, literally right after 12:00. Heather Raven on Twitter had lecture on how its no big deal since no one got hurt and there was no damage, it was very funny to read, even though now that I think about it..I have no idea how it was so funny. Maybe it was late night loopynis!

The start of the year for me has been pretty good, my dad got my DATA for my phone, which means I can go on the internet and get apps, and everything else a phone should be able to do, I been very awake and have no trouble getting up in the morning even if I stay up until 2:00AM, and I've been very inspired. Especially, with my new house.

New house? you may ask yourself. Yes, a new house! Once more I recreate my THIRD pet sanctuary! Yeah, I made those houses a lot. The first house I made before I even made the blog so I didn't take a picture, the second recreation I did was on Leesha SeaGlade my old life character which "Dropped out of Ravenwood" (AKA I deleted her) so I lost that house which you can see the slideshow HERE, and the new creation I am doing on Vanessa EmeraldGlade, so I will never delete it.

It's been doing good so far, some areas need a bit of work, and I have had to cut some pets and pet areas out from the pet sanctuary, due to space and other ideas to make the recreation even greater than ever before. Here are some photos I took of what I finished so far, not all of them are done, maybe a few more detail and I will be completely finished with the area I am about to show you...BEHOLD FOR IT IS THE FIRST PART OF THE THIRD PET SANCTUARY:

This is the view of the house when you first enter, yes it looks very messy not considering the black fog blocking the view of the second part of the sanctuary. Let's head on into the HEDGE WALKWAY, to many people call it a maze, but in reality, it isn't since it's quite easy to navigate yourself through.
Please, from all of us (ME) at The Diviners Lane, we urge you, to read a it for the children.

Welcome to the unicorn enclosure, here we have Bo, Peanut, Charlie, and Bella. The setting for the unicorns it very open and has a nice bench for you to sit down and relax while your pet "socializes" (*Wink Wink*) with the other unicorns.

While in the unicorn enclosure you can climb up a hill and walk on the hedge path, a line of hedges on a cliff around the circumference of our property, along with your pet.

As you come around the corner of the house you enter a view of the backyard, which is currently under construction and completely empty. Now lets not go to far, lets turn around and go back to the Hedge Pathway.
Here we are at our fairy enclosure, with our three fairies, Bonnie, Trixie, and Angel. This area was made very small since fairies are very small and it could be hard for owners to loose track of their pet fairy. There is a nice pond that owners can sit by on our bench and maybe enjoy a good book.

 If you go outside of the fairy enclosure you see a tiny little seating area for any tiresome wizard who wants to sit down with their pet and regain their energy
Go back down the walkway and you arrive at the dragon enclosure, with Tiger, Midnight, Xena, and Henry. The dragon enclosure is a very unique one which is still undergoing construction but is mostly down. The reason this enclosure is unique is because plants grow in the soil and sprout up as fiery botany, which makes the dragons feel warm and ready to take on a new day.
This concludes the first area of our beloved third generation, Pet Sanctuary. Stop by next time to get a tour of the second area of the pet sanctuary, Thanks!

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. I really want to see that house sometime!

  2. What is this game

    1. Wizard101...An MMORPG by Kingsisle. I decorate houses on it. But it has storyline quests