Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Final Destination: Guess what I mean by that? *Hint HOUSE Hint*

Hi everyone

The New Year really has been going great so far! The blog views in four days have gone up to 238 already. I've recently made a real life blog about the real life me and not just the Vanessa me (Blog link found at bottom of the post). The point I made that blog is to keep track of my life and everything that is happening about it. I don't like to share to much about myself, but I am giving out safe information.

Onto the game, I finished Zafaria!
"Wow, you're slow"
I know, I know. Most of you have probably finished already. They Savannah and other area didn't have enough room for the population of wizard! AHHHHHH

So, guess what happened to me. I have finished, the pet sanctuary! *Bows as the crowd cheers with excitement*

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding!


NO, I'm just kidding, lets see the house

So as the picture shows, well be doing the right side of the house, the back side, and the inside
Right Side+Back Side+ Inside = AWESOMENESS !!!

This is one park area, not the greatest but, you know. Also has a nice storage shed with animal food and pet supplies to keep the sanctuary running smoothly.

This is the Pet Park. It has an awesome entrance and an AWESOME swing in the corner of the park, also a pavilion for any shows or plays going on.

Let's head inside! This is the entrance, it has a cute little pond in the corner, a garden and MAGICAL SHRUBBERY, to welcome our residents.

In the basement there is a farm area where mount owners can either donate or lend to us, to take care of while they're out saving the spiral. We also have an ostrich and chickens which help us produce eggs to sell AROUND THE SPIRAL!

 The battlefield, of the.. ULTIMATE....NOOB.....PICNICCCCCC !!! A nice little picnic bench and a picnic rug!

Also on the second floor is our spa, where you can and your pets can relax and lay on our hammock, soak in our hot springs, or just sit with a coconut by our wading pond.

Here is our registration office for any wizard in the spiral who wants to sign up for a membership at our Pet Sanctuary, stop by some time.

 (Try singin' that with Thriller)
This is our Wintertusk/Grizzleheim room. It keeps a stable, cold temperature so your cold icy pets
stay warm while they play in this area.

That's all for this house except if you go back to the entrance hall and take a left, in the corner of the room is teleporter to send you up into the trees where we have our special, treetop club.

With chairs all around to converse with your friends while enjoying a nice cold beverage from our bar table in the corner, and a stage where we usually invite a band to come and play... or we just have karaoke night.



Now, I have already started decorating ANOTHER house! This time it will be in my MFP again where the ruins of Goodstrang Academy once stood, and building a luxury 5star hotel!

Just to end the post I want to say, thank you so much everyone! I've only made one post this whole month, but it has defiantly been the most successful month at that. Other than July, this has gotten 1600+ views, and 800 on that one post! Other posts were viewed and I have been working on outside projects, including a new YouTube account, with ME in real life, and a blog about my in real life. I am really excited to show you all and again, thanks for any excellent start to the new year.

Till Next Time
Happy Wizarding

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