Saturday, November 27, 2010

Annual party, and ALEXIS ROSEFLAME!

lol so i working on the finishing touches for hogwarts until the annual weekly party at 11AM
Anyway yesterday *sniff* *cough*while doing a self portrait of myself in the floating land my friend alexis roseflame ported and i offered to draw here then when it was done she asked for me to post it so she may see it so...
HERE IT IS ALLY! *sniff*
Like it???!!!
                  lol! so much fun! so when I was done she took me to a party *Sneez* and i  finished my portrait
Like it???!!!
                          So anyone want a picture of themself? we need to meet up though for me to make it!

Hope you can come to that *Cough* *sniff*

Party later!

PS~the camera did the dates not me.... we lie to cameras about the dates.....

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