Thursday, November 25, 2010


Test is up!
LOL gardening, spells, and furniture!
i only doing furniture!  LOL i love water-moles so much!
 so i got some questions to answer.
first off
Dear Vanessa,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sry i couldnt come. i really wanna come to the next one! can we meet up some place maybe hedge maze 4:00 PM vampire realm? THX
tanner bearhorn.
k. sry but setting times to meet doesnt work.
i tryed wit edward night and he didnt come. i tryed wit some parties, not many people.
sry see me in the spiral great! i just finished the portico and i usually hang out in wu realm.
now this is from sean stormblade
love your blog van. I have a question (not  related to wizards)
Have you ever wondered about sleeping? and what its like?

sean stormblade lvl 57

Thats weird? i use to think about it. when i was 4 i wondered if it was just a blink of an eye and its morning?
LOL thx for reminding me of that! :) brings back memories.

Hey, samantha dark here!
one question i think we all want to know. Why did you lie about yourself and Jack?

K i lied bout jack because i wanted to make my wizards life more interesting. No i dont have a brother that has a paper bag over his head. No do i have a sister thats always whining. No do i have a little brother thats bullyed thats just me. No do i have a little brother named connor who psts me off all the time and is "Jacks" twin. LOL lots of lies huh?
anyone else got questions? email me at (copy and paste that into the sending to who box)

Till next time

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