Friday, November 26, 2010

*sniff* I have a cold :(

So yesterday I COMPLETLY FINE! i am a perfect daisy but that morning i had a sore throat so i more like a dying daisy that some weird 4 year old picked up at recess and said "here teacher look i got flowers for you!"
Then when we went to my grandma's house half way through i was sneezing, coughing, sniffing. So we left some time after i was sick (2 hours later after i got sick.) But..... I GOT A AWESOME NEW DRAWING PAD! it has these cool pencils and its not wood ITS ALL LED! anyway. not m- muc-muccc- *sneeze* MUCH left to talk about. I am having the party tomorrow! anyway *sniff*

Till next time

*sneeze* *sniff*


  1. Know the feeling. Battling a bad cold my self. It's not easy or fun. Take care of yourself and drink lots of water.

  2. P o o r Y o u

    T i f f a n y