Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Houses, houses, houses.

What it do, home skillets!?
I have a super secret project! And today it will no longer be a secret! And why do you think it won't be a secret? Well, it's pretty obvious..I'm putting some of it on the blog. So, let's begin!

What is my secret project? My project is to create a magical school. But not storm, fire, ice, life, death and myth. I mean original schools of magic. Divination (Study of the future), Charms (Enchantments), Potions and an extra class, magical creatures! So lets begin with one class. Bad view since its not completely done.
  So you can kind of see the pens. Only some, I need to create fancy tree desks that look like roots.
 This classroom is the divination class. I need the teacher. Look at those awesome bookshelfs!
The (unfinished) forbidden library. Whisked away with sands in the lost caverns of the castle. The old headmaster never reminded the new one about it.
 The headmasters office.
Charms class, two floors of tables FTW!

There is a dorm room I would show but I think this is enough secrets for today

Mason EmeraldGlade bought his house just now! Literally I just bought it. So lets type in his plans for this Marlybonian Manor. He plans on making a candlelight arch/path to a wonderful starry club in the sky. On the inside he plans on making a small hotel for anyone who would like to stay. And if you want to visit the water then you can visit his water club! WOAH!! I am making two houses at once! MULTITASKING! Woo-hoo!

'Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. That's awesome lol. I can't wait until it's done!

  2. benjamin dragonswordSeptember 21, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    looks like Hogwarts IS coming to wizard101 ! ~(wysteria and now this)LOL

  3. @MalornGhostRider Thanks!
    @BenjaminDragonSword XD! Thanks for the comment!