Monday, September 19, 2011

Still working hard, vote for Wizard101 now, Mason EmeraldGlade!

As you can see by my surroundings, the blog is under edit-a-tion.....Yeah. I took everything down. I am making some home.....PAGE improvements!! * Hysterically laughs* Ooohh Vanessa you card. My ol' friend Ghostmancer has agreed to make me a new header! Yay! He helped me with
past things like the header next to me, over, over there ---> Isn't it cool?
The fellow's full name is Artur GhostMancer, and his blog is the awesome, cool, amazing... GHOSTMANCER! Ummm...last names much? He made his own game which you can download right here, and here! And if you want to leave this wizard a message visit his Diary of a Wizard ConnectX page right here! So I think we made enough links...

Help Wizard101 win the Game Developers Choice Awards! If you can get less backpack space and a few trees! Yay? But if you don't want those trees you should still vote, because if Wizard101 wins EVERYONE will get a free mystery pet that will not be in game after the event! So vote vote vote and get get get! If I had to pick what pet it would be to retire.... the snowman or the lightning bat. What do you think? Hmmm....
                                                             Vote for Wizard101 here!

Lately I have been working on a new character, Mason EmeraldGlade. He is my new life member after Leesha SeaGlade dropped out of Ravenwood. He just made it to 
Krokotopia already! I am so proud of him! I made a little put together of all his gear and stats to help anyone who whats to finish Wizard City in four hours or less! Here it is....

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


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