Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Test realm and Picnik creations!

Hey hey hey! Time for testing!
Break out your bug buttons and log onto the test realm! Currently we are testing,

  • Black Panthers in the crowns shop!
  • Updated maps for the worlds!
  • New housing signs available in the crowns shop! 
  • The awesome thing for Sunken Palace owners, YOU CAN PLACE ITEMS IN THE SUNKEN ROOMS!!
Whats a housing sign you ask? A housing sign is a Frame or hanging sign that can say whatever you what....from a list. Here is a picture of me with both of mine
It speaks the truth

The black panther mount has a suspicious description. I wonder...

ONE PERSON MOUNT???!!! Are we going to see two people mounts? That would be funny...

"Lalalalala! Isn't my mount awesome!"
*Random mute jumps on*
"WHAT? Who are you?"
"Let's go to Triton Avenue"
".........OK :D"

Lately I have been using a lot more of the quick photo editing site, Picnik. It's really easy to use. It's good for making collages, profile pictures, Youtube profile backgrounds or Wizard101Central user page background. I have been using Picnik to create the following.

Aren't those awesome?!

Till next time
Happy Testing!


  1. Nice post Vanessa! BTW I have totally like almost completed the outside of the Storm House!!! Port anytime to see XD

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, I tried to do it quick for more test time :D! Cool!! I will try to come next time we are BOTH online.