Sunday, December 5, 2010

friendly the famous wizard!!!!!!!!!

you no cassandra, and artur, bailey, and amber.
kyle, and Z and merle!
but do you recall.... the most famouse blogger of all!
Friendly the Famouse wizard
had a very shiny staff!
and if you ever saw it!
you would even say it glows!
all of the other their wizards use to laugh and call him name (maybe noob?)
they never let poor friendly, join in any pvp games!
then one foggy wizardseve ambrose came to say.... friendly with your staff so bright!
wont you duel with me tonight?!
then all the wizards loved him!
as the casted spells in pvp!
friend the famous wizard! your full of mystery!

then one awesome christmas eve gamma came to say
lord bailey wit your breath so bright!
wont you fly wit me tonight!
then all the zilla's loved him
as they shocked wizards with glee!
lord bailey the, stormzilla!
You'll go down in VANESSA'S...... BACK... PAAAAACCCKK!!!