Thursday, December 16, 2010

Question by eragon625: Can you buy legendary characters?

dear jackhen99,

i came across your blogg one day and i saw that you were asking for questions so i figured you would be a good person to ask i was wondering if you know of any sites on the web that you can buy a wizard 101 legandry charcter i ask this cause i was talking to a friend on wizard 101 and i asked him how long he has been playing for and he said a few days and i dont know if he is lieing so i figured i would ask you can you bbuy a legandry chacter for wizards 1010 on the web?

a questionable customer.

I did a little research that......... all you can do is..... go on youtube and people give the things away.
but usually its fake from my research! AND dont get your hopes up either if it works. dont make friends on it. since its all over the web people will be logging on all the time next thing ya no your banned because its been in use on 2 different computers!
so NO you can not.
he might of been telling the truth
in the first month the game started many people were in mooshu by the second week! (found from wizard pictures sent in the first month they started: august) So sry
and whoever that was who was legendary......... i think he lying to
but a couple weeks could of been 2 months!
anyway good question though!
Till next time

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