Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No christmas song today.... I just wanna talk! hehehehe.....

So- *Vanessa why did you call us all in so early!!!!* Ok i called- *Go Vanessa! woot woot!* uh- *Jack's pretty good too!* uh Jack isn't- *Hey you didnt answer my question!* hey... *Ow that was my foot!* Hey! *WHY CANT WE HAVE A WORLD WERE CHICKENS CAN CROSE THE STREETS IN PEACE* HEY....*UM, EXCUSE ME! MAM'  I'M ON THE PHONE! so uh! TALK TO THE HAND... TALK TO THE WRIST OOOH GIRL YOU GOT DISSED!* HEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ugh sry- sry- sry no- YOU CAN BEAT AQUA BOTS ALONE! X hangs up phone x sry van*
So lol! long time to get the crickets in my head to stop crying!
So today I just wanna talk.....
So what does christmas mean to you.... is it presents, is it family, celebrating the most important birthday.
If you dont celebrate christmas what does hannukah mean to you?
the lives lost, the presents, the 8 days of war that the people of jerusalem fought in to save their faith in the lord, or just the family and the tradition? thats what this post is bout' the meaning of christmas! no right or wrong answer! so comment what hannkah/christmas is about to you!!!!

So next topic is........ groundation! lol jk i not grounded my sis is! and i just havent had time to get on wizards!
i should have some now because right now my teachers are having this like meeting in the lecture hall so we were evacuated! So anyyyyywhhhoooo! Tis the season to be giving! so gift your friends! go hug ambrose!
go sing the songs i made in the commons! o ya forgot i writing a song so you'll hear it soon! lol!

silly crickets in my head! thats me... the lvl 49 diviners... well now i lvl 56 and different wand, clothes, mount etc.

Till next time