Sunday, December 19, 2010


as said in the title! IIII'''MMMM BAAAACCCKKK!!!!
well i was always here! just didnt have time to post.
you no rabbits! ugh.
anyway lol jk
but i havent had time to post because of ideas, crafting, requests, art! But i will post once my winter break starts! Jasmine swiftbane is lucky! JUST LOOK AT HER BLOG she has her winter vacation already :(
here i will fill you in on my life
-Yesterday Me as Vanessa EmeraldGlade and 2 of my besties had an idea to make sierra mist team!
We only do the quests when we on together! so look for 3 (i almost said thee LOL) girls named sierra mist hanging wit each other!
- After we made the team elizabeth had to leave so me and cass made 2 characters! cass is jessica emeraldmancer and i am autumn emeraldmancer! we look the same and are the same school (balance)
- us 3 played harry potter! we made malistare snape and sylvia and cyrus our parents in the order of the phoenix war (when he was talking about loving sylvia we screamed AFFAIR! and when they said brother right after that we like BROTHER? lol)
- I finished my drawing book! cant draw until december 25th :( (i getting another for christmas) SO i decided to make a collage like the "Other One" except its the wizard drawings i did in the book! SO CONGRATZ TO THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT INTO THIS EDITION!!!!!!!!

Thats all the reasons i havent posted! O YA FORGOT
Never not take pickles, butter, and radish for the road!

Till next time
HAPPY WIZARDING! (radish pickling butter hehehehe.....)

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